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Repair, Recycle Or Salvage Your RV

Whether you need to fix it up, make some repairs or turn it in for scrap, we have you covered. We specialize in RV repairs, new and reconditioned RV parts sales, RV recycling, and RV salvage. We can fix your fridge, sell you a stove or help you scrap your rig. Reach out to let us know how we can help you with your RV repair, parts or salvage needs.

RV Repairs

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About Us

We are a family owned and operated business.

We take pride in being able to provide the kind of service, repair and parts that the big companies aren't able to.

We Stock A Large Variety Of New And Used Parts at Great Prices

We Provide Skilled Repairs On Many Different Systems Of Your RV

We Provide A Simple, Easy RV Recycling Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell new parts or just used ones?

We have a full range of new parts, used parts and refurbished parts for a wide variety of makes and models of RV's

Do you re-seal RV roofs

We get into minor jobs here and there, but we do not do full reseals or apply roof coatings.

Is it free to recycle my RV?

RV's that have enough salvageable parts on them may not be charged a fee for recycling them. Usually, however there is a fee for us to recycle your RV. There are several factors that can effect the price with the overall length being one of them. Give us a call to discuss your specific situation.

Do you repair RV appliances?

Yes! RV appliance repair is one of our specialties. Before you go searching for a new stove, refrigerator or other appliance to perfectly fit your RV give us a call first to see if we can help you out.

Are you capable of repairing electrical issues with my RV?

Yes! Electrical issues are extremely common on RV's and we have the tools, knowledge and experience to solve your electrical issue.

Do you repair things like electric trailer brakes or wheel bearings?

Most automotive brake shops do not have a clue on how to properly work on trailer brakes. This is a very common service that we perform and we are very competent in trailer brake service and repair. We are also skilled at wheel bearing service and replacement.

What is the difference between RV salvage and RV Recycling?

RV salvage is the process of de-constructing and RV and Salvaging all of its remaining good components to be resold as used parts for the consumer looking for that discontinued OEM part. RV recycling is the process of de-constructing and RV and retaining good parts for resale and recycling what metals and other parts can be and disposing of the remaining materials in the best methods possible.


More on the menu than you can fit on your plate! Great selection and kind and knowledgeable staff.

Marv Mill

Happy Customer

Excellent selection of everything vintage RV - multiple finds for our 1959 Aristocrat Li'l Loafer!

Mia Boteler

Happy Customer

Great family owned business..🤘

Eddie Bailes

Happy Customer

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